• The MWP Basic Bright Preset, which is perfect for indoor natural light photography.

• A detailed video so you'll know exactly how to download the preset and import it into Lightroom Mobile (a free app!).

• Follow up tips and instructions on how to use the preset so that it works perfectly for your photos.

What do i get?

If you've struggled to make your phone photos look beautiful, this preset will be your best friend in remedying that.

I’m a Raleigh newborn and wedding photographer, and I'm kind of obsessed with what I do for a living. When I’m not cuddling newborn babies (and secretly inhaling that newborn scent), I’m most likely spending some QT with my husband and two sons, dancing like no one's watching or trying to figure out how I can live inside of a J.Crew catalog - maybe even all three if I'm feeling crazy.

I'm also passionate about teaching moms how to take gorgeous photos with their phones, because ain't nobody got time to whip out the fancy DSLR every time something insta-worthy happens, amiright? Professional photography definitely has its place in the world (I mean, duh. I'm kind of partial to it), but I also think there are tons of moments that happen on a daily basis that deserve beautiful documentation. And I'm here to help you document them in a way that's as beautiful as you remember them in your mind's eye. 


Meet Morgan